9/16 Inch Bicycles Washi Tape

Bicycles Washi Tape
Bicycles Washi TapeBicycles Washi TapeBicycles Washi Tape
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    10.94 yards
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Introducing…Washi Tape! The popularity of Washi Tape is taking over the crafting world, and we’re excited to bring this growing trend to you! For those new to Washi Tape, prepare to be amazed! Washi Tape is an eco-friendly, reusable, biodegradable, tree-free alternative to traditional tape and adhesives. It’s so versatile, there are literally endless possibilities when it comes to using this tape in your crafts. Whether you wrap it, rip it, stick it, move it, or write on it, the superior adhesive and rice paper material makes it super easy to use, and reuse! Now available exclusively on Ribbon Resource in an endless variety of designs. Stock up today before they sell out!


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