3/4 Inch Grosgrain Emoji Print Smiling Pile of Poo Ribbon

  • Length:

    25 yards
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Spring/Summer 2017 New Designs

OMG! This expressive ¾” grosgrain emoji ribbon is totes adorbs. LOL! It’s 2017, there’s an emoji 4 that! U can use this ribbon for gift wrapping, card making, scrapbooking & hair bows.

Our woven grosgrain is more durable than traditional cheaper grosgrains made from cut fabric, which means the ribbed texture will not fray or become distorted when you pull on it. A woven grosgrain also has slightly more weight to it, which also maximizes its durability.

Washing instructions:  gentle wash cold, do not bleach or dry clean, hang 2 dry


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