1.5 Inch Petersham Grosgrain Ribbon – PARROT GREEN

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    27.3 yards
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May Arts’ woven GN series grosgrain is a woven Petersham-esque grosgrain. Because it lacks the traditional thick edging of an American style grosgrain, it is softer and more supple. The weight and pliability of the ribbon makes it versatile for everything from gift wrap to sewing to scrapbooking. Sewing uses can include use as a trim on everything from blankets to tote bags, dresses, and more since it can be ironed on an edge. The supple nature of the ribbon also makes tighter knots when tying than our traditional grosgrain for crafting projects. Pair the bright colors with black or white to really make them pop. The 1.5″ width is a great width for accessory items like belts or dog collars. It can be wrapped easily around bouquets but is sturdy enough to hold up in water.

Grosgrain is a versatile ribbon, fitting many everyday and special occasion needs. The GN series is a high quality and budget friendly option to make your resources stretch further.

Washing Instructions: Do not use Chlorine, Maximum 100⁰C Ironing, Maximum 40⁰C hot water


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