~1″ Sheer Metallic Hazy Polka Dot Ribbon – Black / Gold Dot

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    25 Yards
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Distinctive veining and an unfinished edge combine for a perfect boho ribbon. This ~1″(25MM) hazy polka dot ribbon has a veined and wrinkled soft finish. As a sheer voile fabric it’s a more sophisticated sheer than a muslin ribbon if you are in need of a sheer with flair. This ribbon can combine beautifully with our double faced satin, silk, or other sheers. The foil polka dots are dispersed evenly across the length of this ribbon. Unlike our defined foil polka dot ribbon, this ribbon employs a blend screen print technique to give the edges of the polka dots a gradient like effect.

The ~1″ wide ribbon is great for small gift wrap, tied around candles or gift baskets, or on scrapbooking projects. This would even make a beautiful boho chic hair wrap. The gray polka dot ribbon and black hazy dot ribbon choices are great neutral colors that can work year round, and be mixed with lighter colors for a more chic feminine vibe, or bright colors for a fun party vibe.

Washing Instructions: Hand Wash Cold. Do Not Bleach. Do Not Tumble Dry. Do Not Iron.

Manufacturing note: Ribbon roll is not continuous yardage and may have 1-2 cuts per roll.


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