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Easter Egg Necklace

Mar 15 2016. Posted in , , guillermo.

Spring is already trying to make its way to my house. I’ve got flowers blooming outside, but it’s cold as can be! Not only that, but Easter comes early this year, so, I thought I’d whip up a fun craft project that is perfect for the kids to help with and as an added bonus,…Read more.

Make A Doll Purse

Mar 04 2016. Posted in , , guillermo.

Do you have a sweet girl that enjoys playing with dolls? How about creating for her dolls? My sweet girl actually created this purse herself! It took very little time or supplies, and I bet many of you know a girl that would love to make or even receive a purse like this! She used…Read more.

Valentine’s Kids Craft: Cloud & Heart Mobile

Feb 02 2016. Posted in , , guillermo.

I was very inspired by the popular saying often whispered during the Valentine’s Day Holiday: “Love is in the Air”! Together with my youngest boy, we made a Valentine’s Mobile featuring a fluffy cloud and heart topped strings for the sweetheart holiday. This is an easy, children-friendly project. We started by cutting a white paper…Read more.

DIY: Toddler Threading Cards

Jun 03 2015. Posted in , , guillermo.

Babies soon grow to be toddlers whose little hands are ready for learning new things. Why not create your little one a set of durable threading cards?   I created these kid friendly cards using free silhouette images I found online. I simply enlarged the images to fit an 8 ½” x 11” sheet of…Read more.


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