Easter Egg Ornament

Mar 17 2016. Posted in , , guillermo.

Easter is close upon us and I’ve started decorating my little niche-an old cranberry crate that I’ve hung on the wall as a shelf. My decorating style is pretty clean and simple, so I’ve got an easy egg ornament to show you that I’ve created for my “twig” tree vignette. There are minimal supplies for…Read more.

Easter Egg Necklace

Mar 15 2016. Posted in , , guillermo.

Spring is already trying to make its way to my house. I’ve got flowers blooming outside, but it’s cold as can be! Not only that, but Easter comes early this year, so, I thought I’d whip up a fun craft project that is perfect for the kids to help with and as an added bonus,…Read more.

String Easter Eggs

Mar 14 2016. Posted in , , guillermo.

I’m here today with a really fun spring craft that you can enlist little helpers to create! Check out our steps: We found that watering down some Elmer’s Glue with water worked well. I don’t think you NEED to water it down- and I would say we didn’t even do 1:1- it just seemed like…Read more.

St Patrick’s Day Pin

Mar 09 2016. Posted in , , guillermo.

Hello ribbon lovers and Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya!  I’ve got an easy Shamrock pin for you today, as well as a handy tip or two, so grab your favorite green ribbon and follow along.   Ribbon Used: QD-46 1.5” Green Sheer Velvet Polka Dot Ribbon (12”) JPP-46 Parrot Green Raffia Paper Ribbon (2”)…Read more.


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