H y’all! Rebecca Vandermark here from the May Arts design team, I hope that you are having a wonderful day! Today I am so excited to share with y’all a special birthday book that I created for my sweet mama’s birthday.
I wanted to create a special mini-book for her as a keepsake. My mom is incredibly precious and has sacrificed so much to help me as I fight Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease and Cancer. Each day I see her elegance and grace in extremely difficult situations and circumstances.

I wanted to emulate that grace and elegance in creating a beautiful book that would highlight 24 of my favorite things about her. I went for using her favorite colors (pinks and greens) and love the beautiful and final results!

To make the album I first cut my strips of ribbon pieces that I was going to use into 5 inch strips. I set these strips of ribbon to the side and then started to hand sew each piece of ribbon onto the cotton mini-book.

After I finished sewing I then sewed and attached the 24 small tags onto the original strips of ribbon. 

After attaching some mixed media pieces to the front it was finished! I love the final look and the fact that the beautiful ribbon from the May Arts make each creations so lovely!


The following is a list of the ribbon that I chose (and the approximate amount of each that I used):

1.5 Inch Hot Pink Grosgrain Pink With White Ovals– 2 feet

1.5 Inch Parrot Green Grosgrain with White Ovals– 2 feet

1 Inch Sheer Pink– 2 feet

1.5 Inch White Lace Center –2 feet

1.5 Inch Sheer Spring Floral Print (Pink) –2 feet

1.5 Inch Sheer With Woven Stripes Ribbon (Parrot Green) – 2 feet

1.5 Inch Pink Spring Summer Ribbon – 2 feet

2 Inch Solid Stripe Ribbon (Pink and White) – 2 feet

1.5 Inch White Wedding Ribbon –5 inches

3/4 Inch Sheer Daisy Edge Ribbon – 2 feet

1/8 Solid Stiched Center (Mauve) – 4 feet


 I hope y’all have a wonderful day!! 

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