Spring Wreath Featuring Our Woven Hidden Arrow Ribbon

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Spring is in the Air!!! What better way to begin the Spring Season but to create a fabulous wreath using some of the latest Woven Hidden Arrow Ribbon from May Arts Ribbon!!!!
Begin by making a bow suing the Rose Woven Hidden Arrow Ribbon. Twist a loop over your thumb; hold with you other fingers.
Add the 1.5 Woven Hidden Arrow Pewter Ribbon under the loop; twisting and holding it secure with your thumb and index finger.
Make equal loops on each side of center loop; twisting as you create each loop.(I general do 5 loops on each side when I am creating a large bow. Remember to hold it at the center loop and index finger.)
  Insert floral wire through center loop.
 Twist and secure loops with wire.
Fluff out bow; attach to grapevine wreath with wire.
 Cut flowers, leaves, springs, etc. from floral picks. Add to wreath with glue gun and glue sticks.
 To create small burlap flowers; remove flowers heads from stem and layer together with brads.
Add burlap flowers, greens and sprigs to wreath.
Allow some of the Woven Wired Arrow Ribbon to hang from the bottom of wreath. I hope you have enjoyed my bow tutorial and create some for you own home décor projects. Hugs Pam

Ribbon Used:
Ribbon Resource: 1.5 Woven Hidden Arrow Ribbon (Wired) 597-15-20 Rose
Ribbon Resource: 1.5 Woven Hidden Arrow Ribbon (Wired) 597-15-35 Pewter
Other Supplies Used:

  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Floral Rose Pick
  • Floral Burlap Cream Flower Pick
  • Floral Grapevine Greens Pick
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Brads


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