5/8 inch Periwinkle Striped Ribbon


A heavyweight fabric with a smooth, shiny surface.  Can be double or single faced.

Satin String / Rat-tail

String manufactured with satin.  A thinner version is termed a mouse-tail ribbon.

Scalloped Edge

A border that is curved to resemble a continuous half circle.


A shiny coin shaped embellishment, usually made of a metallic or plastic.

Sheer / Chiffon / Organza

A lightweight, see through fabric usually made of nylon.


Fabric made with a fine, natural fiber. The fiber is produced from the cocoon of a silkworm larva.

Soft & Silky

A lightweight material, with a smooth texture.  Has the shine of a satin.


Any fabric or material that is densely woven so that it is not transparent.

Square Print

A pattern made with squares on a fabric, resembling that of a check.

Stitched Center / Top Stitch

A ribbon with a thread woven through the center.