About Us

Think back to your favorite birthday, seeing a beautifully wrapped box with a beautifully tied bow on top that unravels to show you a treasured gift. How about that wreath you crafted by hand with carefully selected ribbon that fills each friend and visitor with Christmas cheer as they knock on your door? Or that stylish hair bow your mother made for your picture day in Kindergarten that made all the girls in class jealous and produced a picture that your parents insist on sharing – despite you being an adult – to show that you were the cutest kid around. Ribbons are at the center of some of life’s most important celebrations. They can dress up any gift, any outfit, any occasion and more. They are that extra touch that just makes everything special.

At The Ribbon Resource it is our mission to be a resource for all of your ribbon needs. Whether you are looking to make a craft, plan a party, decorate your house, wrap a gift, or any of the other occasions that call for ribbon, we can help. We are the official retail site for the May Arts Ribbon brand. The Ribbon Resource is part of the family of brands that May Arts Ribbon owns. Fully backed by the knowledgeable customer service agents at the May Arts headquarters, with inventory that comes directly from the brand’s main warehouse in Connecticut. We are backed by the expertise of May Arts’ over thirty years in business as a wholesale supplier of superior quality decorative ribbon to the United States and abroad.

To learn more about what makes May Arts Ribbon special, read more about the brand below. If you are a business looking to carry May Arts Ribbon, visit their brand/wholesale site at www.mayarts.com.

The May Arts Ribbon Brand

May Arts Ribbon is known for its superior quality and classic design. May Arts’ ribbons are unique in that their high quality construction, classic design, and color vibrancy are unmatched by other ribbons on the market. The weaving process used by May Arts ensures production of only the most durable ribbon, while only highly pigmented and vibrant dyes are used for a better color consistency. Lovers of May Arts Ribbon are looking for unique ribbons that can stand the test of time, not the flimsy and low-quality products that flood the market. May Arts’ ribbon catalog has a wide variety of colors, materials, and patterns that enthusiasts with sophisticated palettes desire.

May Arts was founded in the early 1980’s in Riverside, Connecticut. The original products were high-end silk flowers, which were decorated using quality ribbons. The decorative ribbons proved so popular among customers that the business became solely a ribbon wholesaler. May Arts soon developed a reputation among businesses in the United States and abroad as the supplier for superior quality ribbon that was on-trend, reliable, and delivered fast.

As a key player in the Gift, Craft, and Hobby industries, May Arts decided to open a retail site under the brand The Ribbon Resource in 2014. The Ribbon Resource is the official retail channel of May Arts Ribbon.